Family life, relationships, and employment get complex, frightening and sometimes dangerous.  One of the best things you can do to protect and take care of yourself is to gather accurate facts through a trusted professional.  Information can give you CHOICES and POWER in your life to make clear, concise and intelligent decisions.  Commercial Reports, Inc., with our female/male staff, and other carefully screened, highly respected experts, has developed resources to assist you with an array of confidential, personalized, reasonably priced investigative-security services.

Examples of services you may wish to consider are:

  • Spouse, domestic or dating partner back ground investigations
  • Divorce property, financial and hidden asset searches
  • Domestic abuse issues
  • Child/teenager resource help for parents
  • Employer/employee credibility and background/verifications
  • Medical/social service provider credential verification
  • Criminal investigations for theft, fraud and other cases
  • Internet and cyber stalking investigations
  • Adoption, family of origin, and extended family research
  • Harassment/stalking (in its multiple forms) investigation
  • Credibility of realtor and other business associates investigations
  • Child care provider background/surveillance investigations
  • Missing person investigations
  • Witness interviews/statements/evidence collection for court proceedings
  • Law enforcement, legal, and community agency support/coordination 
  • Child abduction investigations and reunification services


The world of private investigation and security remains elusive and mysterious to many people. Our goal is to eliminate the mysticism and cut through the bureaucratic red tape to give you the factual data necessary to protect women and their loved ones. Our services are customized to best fit YOUR personal situations. Accurate and well-researched information gives women POWER to effectively manage their life situation. We are dedicated to promoting the safety of women through information and action.

Your initial call is free! Private personal appointments with male/female investigative and security experts are available for confidential discussions at special rates.

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