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The following is a testimonial to Ed Wunsch and the effort he and Commercial Reports performed in assisting in the return of a missing daughter.


"September 15, 2011
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

When our seventeen year old daughter went missing in the fall of 2011, we were stunned. When we learned that she had accompanied a twenty-three year old man with a criminal background out of country, we were devastated. As the days went by without contact and we learned that local law enforcement had no active plan to retrieve her, we panicked. We had absolutely no idea about what to do and were prepared to fly into the general area she was believed to be and start searching the streets. We were referred to Ed Wunsch during that time and he created a calm in the storm. Ed offered invaluable and calming advice and an active staged plan for the retrieval of my daughter, with insight and action not offered by law enforcement at each stage, including experienced contacts in the area of interest. We are thrilled to say our daughter returned. Bottom line: Ed Wunsch helped to calm us during this difficult time and aided in the retrieval of our daughter. I would not hesitate to recommend Ed Wunsch to anyone needing help locating and retrieving a missing person."

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